Who are we ?

LinQBio is a new, fast-growing Global HealthTech Network community created to address the current needs for virtual networking.

What do we offer ?

Nowadays, when the coronavirus pandemic is spreading globally and creating new ways of doing business, it is more vital to have laser-sharp tools to support virtual connections.
Use our smart & simple search to find the right people from your industry, send messages inviting colleagues to join forces or ask detailed questions that will be automatically distributed to your focus group.
With LinQBio, the Health-Tech world is at your fingertips!

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Who is in LinQBio ? Connecting between HealTech potential partners

    • Startups / Entrepreneurs Startups / Entrepreneurs

    • Investors Investors

      Venture capitals, individuals/angels, funds, public, donations

    • Companies Companies

      Pharma / biotech, Medical device, Diagnostic, Cosmetic, Food supplements

    • Service Providers Service Providers

      Consultants, sub-contractors, development, production, suppliers, CRO's, IP/legal, software etc.

    • Physicians & scientists Physicians & scientists

    • Incubators & accelerators Incubators & accelerators

    LinQBio Community

    • Startups

      • Investors / Venture Capitals

      • Physicians & Scientists

      • Corporates

      • Incubators & Accelerators

      • Monthly opened newsletters

      • New connections established via LinQBio platform

    • Health Care Service Providers

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    • Could I actively search for members?

      Yes, of course. You would have a customized dashboard with a built-in search engine that is based on LinQBio's SCA (Smart Connecting Algorithm), which you can use to search for members according to their profiles & interests.

    • LinQBio's SCA (Smart Connecting Algorithm) matches members according to who they are and what they are looking for. This is based on reliable information derived from individual profiles created by each member. Once a week you will receive a personalized newsletter listing contacts & opportunities customized for you.

    • Yes. Being a member of our community and using our services is free of charge.
    • You register as an individual member, associated to an organization. You may choose to register under more than one organization.

    • LinQBio is totally private to its members, we fully comply with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations). Being a member of LinQBio gives you the ability to connect via our system to all other members by simply searching and contacting, without exposing your contact information.

    • Via analyzing your profile, LinQBio's SCA (Smart Connecting Algorithm) will proactively expose you to other relevant members' profiles. 

    • Should you wish to connect to other LinQBio members,you can do this either via your weekly customized newsletter or your active search. Simply click the contact and send an e-mail via the LinQBio system (at first stage both of you will be blinded to the e-mail addresses).