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Dr. John H Abeles


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Chairman ; Board Director; Consultant; Investor

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Northlea Partners LLLP ; MedVest Group

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North America

Medical field


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Dr Abeles was born in 1945 in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). He received his Medical degree as well as a degree in Physiology from the University of Birmingham, England, in 1969. 
He practised Medicine in London, before joining the Pharmaceutical Industry in  late 1971 as a Senior Medical Executive, with Sterling Drug in the UK, and then from 1973 with  Pfizer Inc and Revlon Health Care in the USA.
In 1975 he became the first, full-time Wall Street health-care analyst with MD qualifications, at Kidder Peabody, until 1980 when he formed MedVest Inc and later Northlea Partners.
During this time he had a part-time, general internal medical practice in Westport, Connecticut. 
Since March 1982, Dr. Abeles has been the Founder, Sole Investor and General Partner of Northlea Partners Ltd., a venture and private capital, family-office partnership headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, which has had numerous investments, both active and passive, principally in the healthcare/life-science field, but also has a substantial portfolio in general investments.
Since 1980, Dr. Abeles has also been President of MedVest, Inc., a business and financial consulting firm.
He has been instrumental in helping promulgate many early stage medical and other companies; some are still private and several have emerged into the public arena. Some of those have been acquired by major industrial and financial groups.
Dr Abeles is at present actively involved in financing, directing, advising 6 exciting biopharma companies  ( A-F below):
A) He is a Founder and Chair  of *BryoLogyx developing  biosource pharmaceuticals and their synthetic derivatives  from Stanford University to improve significantly current and future cancer immunotherapy outcomes as an adjunct to most of them, and also as a single agent with multiple immuno-oncology actions. The molecular platform also has promise in several other medical fields eg infectious disease, autoimmune conditions, neuropsychiatric disorders, inborn errors of metabolism etc
B) He recently was an early Investor in and joined the Board of *Serpin Pharma, now in clinical trials, but a substantially de-risked, small peptide company in the immuno-regulatory , autoimmune and anti-inflammatory fields. The molecular platform down regulates the inflammasome through LRP-1 agonist activity. 
C) He is also a Founder/Director of a new company, *OncoLyze (novel anticancer modality through highly targeted, cancer-cell specific, membrane-porating peptides, leading to rapid cancer cell lysis ( ie “poptosis”)     
D) A new biotech company *Orpheus BioScience has recently been cofounded by him. It is developing targeted biotherapeutics for specific anti-autoimmune therapies. The peptides immobilise specific and relevant autoantibodies and also delete autoreactive B cell clones. 
E) Monet BioScience* is a new platform company, of which Dr Abeles is a  founder Director for  an novel and rapid analysis of protein-to-protein spatial interactions and rapidly deriving appropriate small molecules therefrom 
F) Recently he invested in an became a director of B-Portal* a new company with a promising platform delivery-molecule to transport drugs and biologicals across the blood-brain-barrier 
He was a Managing Member of ProMed Capital LLC,  a New York investment group interested in Israeli medical technology venture companies. Investments included Allium* and Althera* ( now merged into AlphaTau*) in which he was a Director.
AlphaTau* has a unique alpha-particle-emitting brachytherapy for cancer, with highly promising human results and garnering much recent interest. 
Other  separate Israeli investments by Northlea include *Pi-Cardia, *BeatMed, *MediSense, *ViaSurgical, *NewPace, *MazeBolt, *Trendlines, *Credorax, *Amsel, *Vigor Medical, *Blender, *Vibrant, *EZPack, *EnLivex and various placements at *OurCrowd. 
Northlea Partners has a wide set of smaller, passive investments in European and US biomedical companies 
Dr. Abeles was a Founder and has served on the Board  of *I-Flow Corporation, a company that manufactures infusion devices (and was acquired by Kimberly-Clark for approximately $400 million). 
He was an Adviser and past Director of *DUSA Pharmaceuticals, Inc.,  which is in dermatology and photodynamic therapy products, and acquired by Sun Pharma for around $200 million. 
He helped in financing and was a Director of *Encore Medical, an orthopedics and physical medicine company acquired for approximately $800 million by the Blackstone Group, a private equity concern. 
Regarding past associations with public companies, he had been a founder/namer/Director of *Procyte Inc (acquired by Photomedex); *Imre Corp (acquired by Fresenius) and *Epitope Inc (acquired by Orasure). He also served as a Director of and investor in *SysteMed, a company acquired by Merck.
He is a Co-Founder, past Director, a major early investor in and Namer of *ContraFect Inc (anti-infective monoclonal antibody immunology and lysin enzymology). 
Regarding private companies in which he is active, he is Founder of  *Unimedica (medical education); 
He is an early Investor/Director of *Centaur Inc (biomedical products for large animal veterinary markets) 
He was a Director of *Textronics which was  acquired by Adidas.  
He was an early investor in *Retrotope, a clinical stage company developing deuterated molecules to prevent inflammatory cell-membrane peroxidation, a basis of many diseases. 
He was an Investor/Director of *Etubics (new generation viral vectors for gene delivery), recently acquired by a prominent, private biomedical company.
He was a founder shareholder and Director of *Insonus Medical, an advanced hearing aid company in the SF Bay Area and acquired by Sonova of Switzerland, one of the leading hearing aid companies in the world. 
He is an investor in and Director of *OHK Medical, an Israeli/USA company marketing a novel device for enabling bloodless operating fields in orthopedic surgery as well as in cardiovascular emergency usage. 
Dr Abeles has served as an Advisory Board Member of the College of Chemistry, University of  California, Berkeley. 
He is an external member of the SPARK program, given to the sponsoring of early stage life sciences opportunities emerging from Stanford University Medical School. 
He is on the Advisory Board of the Higuchi BioSciences Institute at the University of Kansas. 
He advises the Institute for Translational Medicine at the University of Birmingham, England. 
He is on the Board of Israel Brain Technology, a foundation given to Israeli neuroscience. 
He is a Director of the Institute for Music Therapy in Neurologic Function, NY, NY,  which promotes scientific study of music therapy for neurodegenerative and neuropsychiatric conditions, founded by the late Oliver Sachs. 
He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, London.
He was a Director of AlmaLinks, a growing institute to provide mentorship to and encourage networking with young entrepreneurs in Israel and worldwide. 
He is  a member of ‪the Players Club‬, New York, which is given to the promotion of the dramatic and performance arts.  
He is active in supporting charities, including Israeli (Moona; Friends of Life) and African ones.
He is an avid football (Niners) and baseball (Giants; Athletics) fan, and a fitness (exercise walking and swimming) enthusiast.
In his earlier years, he studied music at the Rhodesian Academy of Music (piano and violin). He thanks the Fates for good and worthy movies (a strong passion) which have illuminated his life. He is married forty-five years to Mimi, a classical singer. They have three grown children (David, Lynne and Daniel), all successful NYC performing artists in drama and music. He is a proud grandfather of four granddaughters. Through Dalyda Finance, the family makes investments in film and stage productions and also sponsors promising young performing artists.        
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