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Mohammed Ahimed


Scientist / Researcher

Position / Role

Public health Emergency Management coordinator

Field of Occupation

Senior Management

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Health Organization

Region of Activities

South Africa

Medical field

Infectious disease

Short description of the company / technology

I possess a Bachelor of Science degree from Addis Ababa University in Applied biology and I also have Master Degree in Microbiology from Jimma University with CGPA= 3. I have been working closely with researchers and occupational professionals in overall areas of Malaria and other vector borne diseases prevention and control coordinator for 5 years, Disease prevention and health promotion core process officer for 4 years in Silti woreda health office and as Health, Nutrition & Early Child Care and Development Officer (ECD Officer) in Aynage Child and family development Organization, and for more than 5 year as public health emergency management coordinator in silti woreda health office & Silte zone health department. I have been licensed by the federal ministry of health as health science professional (Biology) and recently also as Chief health science professional (MSc. Microbiology)by regional health government. I have been participated and presented my research in national and international level.