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Waseem Abu-Ashour


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I am a pharmacist by training holding a Doctor of Pharmacy degree (PharmD), with current training in epidemiology. I graduated with a master’s in Pharmacoepidemiology. I was also a research assistant for 2 years working on research projects. Furthermore, I was a grants manager & research administrator at a research organization. Currently I’m working part-time on my PhD at Memorial University in Outcomes Research. I’m also working as a part-time research assistant with a local research institute alongside my PhD and as a research associate with a genetic research company.
I have worked in a hospital and a community as a pharmacist for several years. During my master’s program, I have worked on several research projects. This has included: a cross-sectional, cohort and a systematic review studies. I have received training that will allow me to complete other evidence-based assessments. This has allowed me to gain various experience regarding dealing and handling databases, working with numerous researchers and dealing with the ethics board. I have also taught undergraduate pharmacy students in research and evaluation as part of their required studies among other courses which strengthened my expertise. Moreover, my experience as a research assistant and my previous job as a grants manager & research administrator have given me the opportunity to further sharpen and enhance my skills in research and evidence based fields. This gave me the opportunity to work with various researchers and clinician scientists in different fields and on different projects and grants, nationally and internationally.