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Dr. Francois Abram


Scientist / Researcher

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Research and Development Director

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Science / technology

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North America

Medical field


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For 15 years at the head of a research team working on the extraction of musculoskeletal-markers from MRI images to evaluate the efficacy of treatments of knee and hip osteoarthritis. We develop automated digital image processing technologies that produce reliable and stable results. Few years ago, we switched from conventional digital image processing to neural networks digital image processing to enhance the quality of our results in terms of precision, reliability and reproducibility. Our technology is also used to produce results helping understand the correlation between bio-markers and ms-markers in order to have a better comprehension of the disease, thus opening the path to new medications as well as in order to develop targeted diagnostic assistance clinical tools for osteoarthritis evaluation.
With more than 15 clinical studies on osteoarthritis including MRI, both on human and animals, we have developed related technical skills on MRI sequences, MRI protocols and integration of MRI into clinical studies.
Additionally, on a more technical aspect, we have built an automated and integrated computational environment that sequences all the necessary processing on a network of computers on top of a database architecture technology and we have developed a bunch of computer/network/technological skills for manipulation, processing and storage medical digital images.