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Dr. Taylan Adademir



Position / Role

Cardiac and Vascular Surgeon

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University of Health Sciences

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Middle East

Medical field


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Curriculum Vitae:

Taylan Adademir


Educating and Training:


·         Turkish Maarif Collage, Nicosia, Cyprus (High School Diploma –1995)

·         Marmara University, School of Medicine, Istanbul, Turkey (M.D. degree -2002)

·         Cardiovascular Surgery Residency, Marmara University, Istanbul,Turkey(2002-2010)

·         KartalKosuyolu Heart and Research Hospital (2010-Today)


Professional Experience:


·         Staff surgeon: KartalKosuyolu Heart and Research Hospital (March 2010 –February 2017)

·         Associated Professor: KartalKosuyolu Heart and Research Hospital (February 2017 – Today)

·         American Association of Thoracic Surgery Fellowship

•         Evarts A. Graham Memorial Traveling Fellowship, 2017-2018

•         Research fellow at Washington University in Saint Louis

•         Research trainee at Mayo Clinic, Rochester

•         James L. Cox Fellowship in Atrial Fibrillation Surgery, 2017

•         Research fellow at Washington University in Saint Louis




·         Adult CardiacSurgery

·         Peripheral VascularSurgery




·         Turkish Board of Cardiovascular Surgery(2014)

·         EACTS Specialist Academy Course: Minimally Invasive Techniques in Adult Cardiac Surgery, Maastricht, Netherlands(23.–27.06.2014)




·         Cardiothoracic SurgeryNetwork

·         European Association for Cardio-ThoracicSurgery

·         Turkish Society of CardiovascularSurgery

·         Society of National Vascular and Endovascular Surgery(Turkey)

·         Society of Minimal Invasive and Robotic Cardiovascular Surgery(Turkey)





·         Minimally Invasive CardiacSurgery

·         Robotic CardiovascularSurgery

·         Atrial fibrillationsurgery

· Valve repairsurgery

· Ischemic mitralregurgitation

Risk stratification in cardiac surgery, surgical database and medicalinformatics