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Dr. Mahmood Ahmed


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Renacon Pharma

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Renacon Pharma was started as a result of R&D by a Renal Physician (presently M.D. of company) and a senior Chemist with post-doctoral degree in 1997 when Bicarbonate Haemodialysis concentrate was introduced first time in Pakistan by Renacon Pharma as a result of clinical-cum-lab research. This caused a drastic shift in the quality of life of haemodialysis patients who were using toxic Acetate- based HD concentrate solution (already obsolete in developed countries) causing gross morbidity and high rate of mortality. The price of Bicarbonate Concentrate, although in two parts, was rather decreased as compared to Acetate and during last 19 years the price has not been increased although efforts for better quality and innovations are still continuing by Renacon Pharma, while it is exporting to several developing countries. Renacon Pharma thereafter introduced the concept of “Prescription Dialysis” to individualize dialysis treatment for improving quality of life producing about more than 100 formulations within the range of BP. Company has Medical Device manufacturing License and products registrations since 1998 apart from GMP certificate though “Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan” (DRAP. Renacon has ISO 9001; ISO 13485; CE 0120, certification since 2007 while these are not the requirements of DRAP. The aim has been to export with the best Quality-to-Cost ratio in the world, especially to developing countries. Renacon Pharma introduced powder form of Haemodialysis Concentrates, much less expensive as compared to solution form esp. regarding exports owing to significantly less volume, weight, freight, duty, storage, cost, etc. and is exporting to several countries now. For this purpose Fully-automated PLC controlled mixers were introduced to maintain quality and precision at subsidized cost or free apart from much cheaper manually controlled mixers for Haemodialysis centers to mix powder. Quality control SOPs, manuals and protocols were developed keeping in view international standards especially regarding the materials used and end products. Thereafter Haemodialysis cartridges, bags (RenaBag), disinfectant solutions, much cheaper RO Plants were developed apart from introducing the concept of Soft-Bags instead of expensive canisters to cut down cost of packing with a design usable on all machines first time in the world. Renacon Pharma’s mission is to cut down the cost of dialysis to the maximum possible without a compromise on quality and to help private & public sector support maximum people for dialysis treatment saving a big number of young mothers and young bread-earners, especially.