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Prof. Abdullah Al Abdulgader

Saudi Arabia


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Senior Congenital Cardiologist

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Prince Sultan Cardiac Center Al Ahsa

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Medical field


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Born in Alkhobar and raised in Alhasa in the eastern part of Saudi Arabia in the middle of ancient wisdom with cultural and religious sobriety which was embraced in marvelous harmony with the gigantic oil industry. His genetic lineage extends to alansar tribe where his forty two grandpa ,Abo Ayob Alansary was one of the elite partners of prophet Muhammad(PBUH). Prof. Alabdulgader graduated from the college of medicine and medical sciences ,King Faisal University, in 1991. Immediately he was involved in extensive medical training cascaded at different levels of specialties until 1997 where he was certified with five medical degrees qualifying him to double major specialty in pediatrics and adolescent medicine and subspecialty in pediatric cardiology from Saudi Arabia ,Ireland and United Kingdome .His achievement in the membership of the royal colleges of physicians (UK) examinations was a record where he finished all requirements in 12 months and became MRCP(UK) holder at age of 27. Soon afterward he established the first foundation for congenital heart service in eastern Saudi Arabia .In addition to the well organized clinical services,research was of his paramount priorities .The epidemiology of cardiac dysmorphology in humans was his an intelligent commencement where he established incidence and demographic characteristic for congenital heart disease for the first time in his part of the world. This scientific step heralded the onset of one of the major scientific projects in human history concerned with discovering the environmental and genetic risk factors of congenital heart diseases  in an attempt to discover the mysterious secrets of human heart dysmorphogenesis with ultimate desideratum of aborting the disease in human species. In 2001 he was sent in special governmental scholarship to further subspecialization in cardiac electrophysiology and electrical rhythm devices implantation in the far Canadian west in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. During this time he was able to describe unique congenital anomaly involving three major neurocristal anomalies in native Canadian newborn from Calgary University hospital for the first time in medical literature. He is well reputable for founding Prince Sultan Cardiac Center , in Alhasa, Saudi Arabia (PSCCH) after generous donation from the late crown prince of the country HRH Prince Sultan Ibn Abdulaziz. PSCCH, nowadays is one of the leading tertiary care cardiac centers in the middle east and the world. His holistic universal scope in science and the universe led him to establish the reputable King of Organs Congress for Advanced Cardiac Sciences, where the wisdom dictate perceiving the human heart as souvenir of soul and cradle of mind and wisdom, with extensive and delicate symphony resonating to higher energetic levels of collective consciousness. Critical conceptual faith and reasoning behind  the King of Organs establishment was to rescue humanity from the historical myths with absent scientific insight like the great cholesterol myth. He as a  congress founder and president with his congress deputy, the late Prof.Paul Rosch ,devoted full day of scientific confrontation to expose the cholesterol myth in four consecutive international conferences(2008,2010,2012 and 2019).This book is representing the fourth day lectures of 2019 congress. On the other hand ,in collaboratioin with HeartMath Institute,California, USA, he was able to establish special detection system to record the planetary Schumann frequencies. He was awarded the world gold medal from WOSCO(Great Britain-2012) for establishing unique direction in astrolobiolgy and cardiac sciences exploring the human heart rate variability orchestration with Schumann resonances and solar winds .In the same year he was awarded the Diploma of honor from the International Committee on geological and environmental change(GEOCHANGE), Munich, Germany. In 2018 he led a scientific team from HeartMath Institute, NASA and reputable European scientist in the longest human kind record synchronizing human heart rate variability with Schumann resonances, solar winds and cosmic rays. This achievement was published in nature scientific reports in February,2018. Nowadays, he is leading a number of international projects concerned with investigating the role of the very low frequency band of the heart rate variability in inflammation and systemic hypertension to treat systemic hypertension without medications, the Saudi Homocystein Atherosclerosis and Cancer Trial(SAHACT) utilizing cellular pathways with simple nutrients to combat atherosclerosis and cancer in human, and other projects. In the clinical arena he is a senior interventional congenital cardiologist and electrophysiologist performing ablation interventions with radiofrequency as well as cryoablation  technologies utilizing cardiac electrical mapping to cure cardiac arrhythmias. He is a scientific board member and editorial board member of many international organizations and journals in the USA,UK, Germany, Switzerland, China, India and other countries. He received many acknowledging letters and honoring events and gifts from King Salman, Princes and world authorities. At the moment, he is the senior scientist and chief physician in PSCCH and the leader of  the research and biostatistics services ,preparing for the next King of Organs congress with higher consciousness for better future of human kind.