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Kornelia Aigner


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Medias Klinikum for Surgical Oncology/Dep. Tumor Biology

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  • I am a biologist and head of department tumor biology at a clinic for surgical oncology. The clinic is specialized on regional cancer treatment. I am planning clinical studies with a focus on immune response, tumor microenvironment and quality of life for cancer patients.
  • I studied Biology with a focus on RNA Bioinformatics and Immunology 
  • I have expertise in the biological processes regarding intra arterial chemotherapy
  • My interests are: intra-arterial cancer treatment (locoregional cancer treatment), mutational analysis, targeted treatment, immunotherapy, neoantigen cancer vaccination, regional checkpoint inhibition, regional targeted therapy, whole exome sequencing, expression analysis, reversible electroporation, irreversible electroporation, tumor infiltrating lymphocytes, tumor microenvironment, head and neck cancer, ovarian cancer, pancreatic cancer, bladder cancer,