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Yasser Abdullah



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Specialty Doctor

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Tikrit University College of Medicine

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Medical field


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I am a board-certified specialist Ophthalmologist, and a licensed College instructor in Ophthalmology.
My main research interest is in ethical use of AI, technology and automation in ophthalmology, optometry, and visual sciences.
I have just finished my Master study of the degree CHM in Clinical Ophthalmology, University of Edinburgh. My Masters project was titled, “Bioethics of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine and Ophthalmology.”
I have also finished the program of Clinton Global Initiative University CGI U Alumnus 2020, with a certificate of the Actionable Commitment Plan, holding the same title of “Bioethics of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine and Ophthalmology.”
I am actively looking for a chance to develop my knowledge and research skills in the field of medical bioethics. The announced FACULTY POSITION: Division of Medical Ethics, NYU School of Medicine represents the just right opportunity for me to pursue my actionable commitment plan and my masters project mentioned above.
Throughout my masters study and the CGI U commitment, I explored almost all the bioethical facets of medical AI by sorting them into categories of physician-related, machine-related, patient-related and shared ethical issues, and I think that this categorization and classification is worth extrapolating in a massive research project to standardize the bioethics of medical AI in medical education, medical research, medical practice and all affiliate industry and technology sectors. My big dream is to play a part in realizing this standardization as a basis for a global collaboration between all regulatory and legislative bodies responsible for setting the ethical and legal standards in medical education, practice, and research.