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Mr. Don Abbott

United States of America

Service Provider / Freelancer

Position / Role

Owner / Creative Director

Field of Occupation

Company Details


Abbott Animation

Region of Activities

North America

Short description of the company / technology

Abbott Animation has a long history of creating captivating stories and targeted messages utilizing our award-winning 3D animations and full service video productions. Our mission is to provide the highest quality experiences across all platforms while maintaining exceptional customer service with a commitment to on time and on budget deliverability. Our team excels at telling your story, ensuring that your viewers come away with exactly what you need them to understand. With over 70 years of combined experience, Abbott Animation has been satisfying local and multi-national clients since 2007. We always bring a fresh, creative and friendly approach to all of our projects; from technical product animations to online shorts to Public Service Announcements to broadcast commercials and interactive media.

While producing a long form animated story can often be a little daunting, at Abbott Animation we strive to simplify the process for our clients. We tailor our creative process to your needs, ensuring your ideas are clearly represented and adding those unique elements to truly set you apart from the crowd. Our clients receive work that has a stunning, stylized, and energy-charged look designed to provoke a deeper understanding of the topic at hand and a lasting impression of our client's message. Abbott Animation is a full service production house, able to take a project from conception through the script and story-boarding process all the way through final animation. Our unique, custom 3D pipeline is designed to efficiently and effectively improve production times and reduce costs without sacrificing quality. We enjoy long standing, professional relationships with our clients and value the importance of high quality, effective, and creative solutions.